Unarmed Security Guards

The primary role of unarmed security officers is to provide a level of security necessary to carry out the operational procedures of business and organizations by enforcing rules, regulations and policies while also providing a great customer service experience to guests and the general public.

Unarmed security officers provide a physical presence that deters petty criminal activity such as petty theft (shoplifting), vandalism, trespassing, loitering, and disturbing the peace. Unarmed officers can also provide information to guests and other personnel visiting your property or facility. 

Our unarmed officers can also provide a great deal of value through reduced liabilities and maintenance cost when using integrated technologies such as guard management and reporting software. Our current guard management software can alert security supervisors, managers, client’s and their staff (maintenance and facility managers) of incidents regarding anything from reports of suspicious activity and criminal acts, to simple maintenance issues that need immediate attention.

Our guard management software also provides transparency and accountability to our clients by providing shift, daily or weekly activity reports demonstrating what areas or checkpoints have been visited and when to insure our guards are proactively patrolling and creating a presence.

*Our unarmed guards can be in traditional security, professional or plain cloths attire.*


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