Vehicle Patrols

Vehicle patrols can be a great cost-saving alternative to standing guard operations or a great full-service security operation. Atlas Defense Group, Inc offers two types of vehicles patrol; On-Site Patrols and Courtesy Patrols.

Each type of patrol has its benefits but generally provide a clear and recognizable presence on your property. Both types of patrols can also include foot patrols, securing buildings, facilities, and areas. 

Just like all of the other services we provide, our vehicle patrols include and heavily rely on integrated technologies such as guard management software, activity and incident reporting, as well as GPS tracking of vehicles, all in the effort to keep security supervisors, managers, clients and their staff (maintenance teams / facility managers) aware of suspicious activity, incidents, maintenance issues, and most importantly accountable. 

On-Site Patrols

Our on-site patrols are for medium to large residential communities where there are multiple community facilities that are spread out throughout a large area and need constant monitoring for vandalism, unauthorized access, maintenance inspections, lock-ups or other request by the management team.

On-site patrols include designated phone numbers, so that residents can contact their patrolman if the need arises.

Courtesy Patrols

Courtesy Patrols are a great cost-saving, cost-effective alternative for small residential communities, shopping centers or businesses. Courtesy patrols are done on a random basis or at a designated intervallic rate and are perfectly suited for properties that need short, periodic visits that still maintain a visible presence to deter unwanted activities.


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