Integrated Technologies

Atlas Defense Group, Inc uses a variety of integrated technologies to add value to our clients and keep our field officers accountable.

TrackTik is our integrated guard management software, featuring reporting capabilities that can be customized to the unique requirements of each client. It also features tours and checkpoint functions, ensuring that guards are hitting checkpoints at a routine or scheduled basis. Each checkpoint can require an action or form/report to be filled out. Missed or late tours are immediately reported and notifications sent out to supervisors and managers. Guard accountability is our highest priority.

Clients have access to the client portal, where logs of all checkpoints and patrols conducted on the property are recorded in real time and can be viewed to insure accountability. Additionally, clients can observe detailed incident analytics by location, time and frequency so security needs can adapt to patterns and target threats as they evolve,


Fleet Management

Atlas takes guard accountability extremely seriously, one of the leading problems in the private security industry is simply the independent nature of the job. That is why in addition to routine supervisor check-ins all vehicles within our fleet are equipped with GPS and dash cams. Speeding violations, abandoning post and sleeping guards are a thing of the past with our fleet management software. Our fleet management software logs engine on/off’s, idling, and harsh driving and speeding violations and the address of all vehicle stops are recorded . All management and supervisors are equipped to receive and respond to notifications and violations , these integrated tools monitor patrol officers 24/7 and ensure they stay within their post and prevent sleeping guards.