Atlas Defense Group, Inc was founded with the primary goal of becoming the premier provider of armed security services within its operational areas. Armed security is our core service, which can expand into high-threat security, executive protection, and government and military contracting.

The primary role of armed security officers is to provide a higher level of security needed to carry out the operational procedures of business and organizations by enforcing rules, regulations and policies, while also protecting life.

Our armed officers can provide the same services as our unarmed officers, including using our integrated technologies to report suspicious and criminal activity, and maintenance issues while providing a higher level of security in order to prevent or react to a deadly force encounter. 

The weight on our shoulders when providing for the physical security of our clients is a great responsibility that we take extremely serious. Which is why armed officers are expected to get additional training in firearms and combat medicine in order to effectively respond to any high-threat crisis, Atlas personnel can act as first responders by eliminating or suppressing the threat and providing life saving treatment in preparation for a law-enforcement response. 

We take the quality of our training seriously and are in the licensing process to start an in house firearms training facility used to qualify and train our guards to our standards.  

*Our unarmed guards can be in traditional security, professional or plain cloths attire.*

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