Cannabis Security

Atlas Defense Group knows the risk that you and your patients face every day. Between the criminal and political element, they are looking for a deficiency on your part.

Our Security services for the MMJ industry takes care of both by providing impeachable security services that exceed law enforcement requirements and one that criminals will hesitate to test.

The secret to preventing a security threat is presence and the way we present ourselves. Which is why all our security guards serving in this field are outfitting with:

Level III+ Body Armor

Medical Equipment

Premium Defensive Ammunition

Weapon Mounted Illumination Tools

- Additionally, our guards are trained in: -

Weapon Manipulation and Proficiency 


Combat Lifesaver / First Aid

& Situational Awareness


Furthermore, our management's past experiences in the MMJ industry has taught us patient verification, laws and regulations. This allows us to take over your access control and streamline your operation. Allowing you to focus on your patients while we deal with security and access control.


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